Screen-printing on t-shirts

Screen-printing t-shirts is one of the most common applications used for screen-printing. With the help of our online t-shirt designer your ideas can come to life on a t-shirt like never before. All you need is a good idea and the rest of the process is easy. Screen-printing on dark t-shirts may require a white under base to let the colors remain bright and vibrant. Also remember the cost of screen printing depends on the number of colors to be screen printed on the t-shirts, so use the color of the t-shirt in the design and it will reduce the number of screens needed and save you money.

Screen-printing, or silk screening as it is sometimes called, usually uses a custom prepared stencil. The part that is to be printed is made up of silk, nylon or a stainless-steel mesh. Ink can pass through this area but not through the other part of the stencil, which is contained inside a frame usually made of wood or metal. The printing surface is placed under the frame on a flat surface. Forcing the ink through the screen area with a rubber squeegee makes the impression. One can get heavier coverage with larger or more permeable holes. This allows more ink to pass by to the apparel surface, but eliminated detail.

Screen-printing is not just for t-shirts.

With all the new technology and new equipment we can screen print on almost any fabric known to man. In addition we can screen-print a design on hats, blankets, golf towels, tot bags, scarves, shoes, you name it...






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