Screen Printing and custom t-shirt design

Design Online, upload your own design or do both, all at no charge.
For the past 30 years of screenprinting at, we have created thousands of custom designs. With minimum effort, you design online, use clipart or your own artwork to create a truly custom design for your company or event.

Choose your apparel
Years ago, when someone mentioned screenprinting, plain white t-shirts with a bright, simple design across the chest came to mind. That's all changed with today's screenprinting technology. We can print your custom design on literally hundreds of different products. T-shirts are just the beginning. We've printed on sweatshirts, scrubs, shorts, hats, and tons of other apparelas well as golf towels, bags and hundreds of other party favors! Pick a brand you like, or call and we can make recommendations to help you.

Once you've selected a design, the real fun begins. Choose from horizontal, vertical, arc, circular and many more type arrangements. Stretch and rotate your design online in real time.

Select the print placement of your art.
Depending on the product you've chosen, you may have many options available to you regarding your design's placement. Looking for something different? Try printing your design on the small of the neck, on the shoulder, or down the sleeve of your garment. Mix and match type arrangements and design placements for a unique look.

Check and approve your art
Once you've placed your order, the staff at Creative Advertising USA will send you a proof. This will let you view your design, request modifications if necessary and give your final artwork approval.

Enjoy your Custom tshirts or sweatshirts!






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